In June 2016, the exclusive new project, BOXCITY, officially launched at Crocus City. BOXCITY is a unique modular space created from shipping containers. As a multi-use platform, BOXCITY combines a retail-entertainment center with recreation in a park environment, setting it apart from the usual shopping centers. 

The primary objective for BOXCITY is to promote the ideas of the progressive and active young generation. Guests to the space will encounter the latest new technology, designer goods and sports equipment, as well as a variety of educational or musical events and festivals. They can browse original items from popular international brands, featured in stylish boutiques; grab lunch in one of the many restaurants and cafes, serving up fresh farm-to-table and organic produce; catch a concert by emerging bands and performers; rent sports equipment; get in some yoga or a work-out; or just kick back and have a good time. If that weren’t enough, visitors can appreciate the originality and creativity of the engineering and design of this truly extraordinary entertainment space.