Aras Agalarov Gives RBC TV an Exclusive Interview
Aras Agalarov, President of the Crocus Group, discussed the most pressing business issues during self-isolation and the possible ways of crisis recovery.
Aras Agalarov on Doing Business during a Pandemic
In his interview for the Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper, Aras Agalarov, president of Crocus Group, discussed the current situation in the business world and the measures needed to save it.
Emin Agalarov for Forbes Digest, Quarantine Edition
Interview with Emin Agalarov, executive vice president of Crocus Group, on the current situation in the company and plans for the near future amid quarantine.
Emin Agalarov on Isabel Marant and Singing as the Best Way to Wind Down
Emin Agalarov, vice president of Crocus Group, gave an interview to the RBC web portal.
Emin Agalarov interview for Business FM
Executive Vice President of Crocus Group Emin Agalarov told Business FM about his businesses, plans and entering into Forbes 40 under 40 rating.
Emin Agalarov in the new Forbes Digest series
Emin Agalarov, the Executive Vice President of Crocus Group, shared a personal story of his childhood and spoke about his upbringing.
The Bell interviews Araz Agalarov
President of Crocus Group, Araz Agalarov gave a long interview to The Bell.
The restaurant business of Crocus Group
The restaurant holding Restaurants by Crocus Group started more than ten years ago with the opening of Shore House restaurant, initiated by Emin Agalarov, the First Vice President of the company.
Emin Agalarov: exclusive interview to The Bell
On Robert Mueller's probe, meeting Donald Trump, and governmental projects of Crocus Group
Aras Agalarov and Emin Agalarov on the cover of Forbes Life Anniversary Issue
Aras Agalarov and Emin Agalarov on the cover of the new issue of Forbes Life dedicated to the anniversary of Forbes in Russia!