'Pioneer Readings' at Crocus City Mall

'Pioneer Readings' at Crocus City Mall
On 4 April, Crocus City Mall hosted 'Pioneer Readings'—an intellectual event where contributors of the literary magazine Russian Pioneer read out their works from the latest issues, on two timeless topics: chance and a calling.
Russian Pioneer runs opinion pieces by Russian journalists, authors and celebrities who share their views on politics, business, science and culture. Over the years, the list of Pioneer columnists has included Vladimir Putin, Vladislav Surkov, Sergey Lavrov, Mikhail Fridman and many others.
This spring's "Pioneer Readings" took place at Crocus City Mall. There was no trace of winter here: a tropical park with exotic flowers all year round is a fitting place for a warm meeting of the club's members.
Some of the readers and visitors were: Andrey Kolesnikov, Dmitry Bykov, Viktor Yerofeyev, Andrey Makarevich, Emin Agalarov, Pavel Astakhov, Olga Anichkova, Darya Belousova, Andrei Bilzho, Konstantin Bogomolov, Dmitriy Breytenbikher, Alexander Zhurbin, Stefaniya Malikova, Olga Uskova, Igor Vernik.