'The Prince of the East' TARKAN signs a star for the VEGAS WALK OF FAME

'The Prince of the East' TARKAN signs a star for the VEGAS WALK OF FAME
On 14 May, ahead of his long-awaited one-off concert at Crocus City Hall, the iconic Turkish signer TARKAN signed his star on the VEGAS Walk of Fame. Celebrities who have also signed their stars include: Elton John, Ozzy Osbourne, Sting, Donald Trump, Monica Bellucci, Milla Jovovich, Bradley Cooper, Robert De Niro, Plácido Domingo, Dieter Bohlen, Moby, Roy Jones Jr., Antonio Banderas, and others.

Tarkan is a popular Turkish singer, songwriter and successful producer with several platinum albums to his name and more than 25 million copies sold. He became famous across Europe without a having single song in English – for the first time ever in the history of pop music. Tarkan is also the only Turkish singer recognised by the prestigious World Music Awards in Monte Carlo.
The unique, charismatic, talented and incredibly handsome Tarkan already holds a special place in the hearts of Russian women who love his music. His vibrant songs are popular all over the world, but this time the iconic Turkish charmer impressed his Russian fans with an incredible concert featuring lots of world-famous dance hits. Tarkan has released 10 studio albums and several singles. He still has millions of fans dying to meet him.
Concerts in Moscow and Kazan were supported by the Embassy of Turkey in Moscow as part of the Turkey-Russia cross-cultural year. They helped strengthen the bonds between the culture and art of the two countries and contributed to further development of the relationship.