BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY INVEST DAY 2019 held for the first time at Vegas City Hall

BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY INVEST DAY 2019 held for the first time at Vegas City Hall

On 18 May, Vegas City Hall hosted the international blockchain technology summit THE WAY SUMMIT: Blockchain Technology Invest Day 2019, organised by Crocus Group and Sibhash.

The event started with a welcome speech from the host Nadezhda Grosheva, journalist, financial advisor, and the author of Not Extra Money and Risk Index radio programmes on Business FM, followed by the first designated speaker, Senior Managing Director of Accenture Michael Spellacy. Michael's professional interest lies in high-tech start-ups. He advocates introducing blockchain and AI technologies into business, which he believes will help transform work and unleash the creative potential of employees.
In his speech, titled Development Strategies for Capital Market, its Relevance, Value and Growth in Digital Space, Michael specifically said: 'We shouldn't underestimate the power of blockchain technology. It has already permeated all areas of our lives.'

The next speaker was one of the most influential figures in the crypto currency market, founder of the world-famous bitcoin mining company Bitmain, Jihan Wu. The opportunity to attend the summit and speak to a large audience was the main reason why Jihan Wu decided to visit Russia for the first time. Wu combined several bitcoin mining pools and, as a result, he currently controls over half of all bitcoin earning activities. The topic of his speech was 'Centralisation and Decentralisation of the Consensus Mechanism Proof of Work'. He stated: 'Even keyboards can have their keys arranged in a more efficient way than we're used to. Today miners use certain sources, and our task is to help them try out something new.'

The first part of the summit ended with a speech on 'Tokenisation of the World Economy' by a co-owner of the first regulated tokenised securities exchange, Viktor Prokopenya. The innovative platform allows you to trade on markets such as Apple, Dax 30 or Oil, using crypto currency.

During the lunch break, the summit's guests had the opportunity to watch presentations and talk to representatives from start-up companies-partners of the event, including SWAPER, SIGMAPOOL, BITRIVER, VR TICKET, BITMAIN.

After the break, the programme continued with a speech by Roger Ver, multimillionaire, founder of, one of the first proponents and investors in bitcoin, and leader of the modern crypto currency community , who spoke about how crypto currencies will change the world. Roger is convinced that decentralised crypto currencies are our inescapable future, which, sooner or later, will become reality: 'Crypto currency is the way to achieve financial freedom. It can improve the standard of living for billions of people.'

Another speaker was one of the first Russian venture investors and a partner of iTech Capital fund, an entrepreneur who invests in blockchain, crypto currencies, e-sports and new digital media, Alexander Shulgin.
Portfolio companies include iTech Capital BitFury, Clickky, Ticketland, Aviasales, QIWI post, SeoPult Group, Garpun, MFM Solution, and many others. Mr Shulgin spoke about 'Blockchain in the Entertainment and Media Business': 'The more we require entertainment, the more developed technology becomes. Wisdom economy.'

The official part of the summit ended with a panel discussion, when all speakers answered questions from the guests. The discussion was moderated by Catherine Ross, Communications Director at

Emin Agalarov, Vice President of Crocus Group, also attended the summit and commented: 'The Forum has become a very productive event. We've had amazing speakers, and each of them said things that can truly change the way you see the world and the future. For me personally, it has become clear that banks will gradually become less popular and blockchain, along with all crypto instruments, will eliminate the need for a "mediator", i.e. banks. People will pay each other directly, purchases will become quick and easy, and, most importantly, it will cost very little or nothing at all.'
Another special guest of the event was businessman, Board Member of Safmar Group and co-owner of, Said Gutseriev. Said Gutseriev believes that cryptocurrency exchange and blockchain technology are here to stay and can be used in different industries, not only for crypto currencies.