The Heat – the most stellar comedy of 2019

The Heat – the most stellar comedy of 2019
On 5 September 2019, The Heat, the most stellar comedy of the year, will hit the screens nationwide!

The film was shot as part of the Zhara (Heat) international music festival that took place in Baku, Azerbaijan, in July 2018. This particular location and season gave the film producers a unique chance to bring together all of Russia's and Azerbaijan's top stars in one place, ensuring that the number of celebrities involved is going after a record. The film features Philipp Kirkorov, Nikolay Baskov, Grigory Leps, Ani Lorak, EMIN, Valeria, Iosif Prigozhin, Timati, Yegor Kreed and many more.

The Heat opens with a scene aboard an airplane full of Russian pop stars. They are all heading for the Zhara festival in Baku, speaking out loud, playing practical jokes on each other, and sampling alcoholic beverages... The protagonist Dasha Steklova, the Zhara's headliner, is among them. The festival is planned to close with the girl's performance. Her role is played by Diana Pozharskaya, best known for starring in the Hotel Eleon series and EMIN's Neveroyatnaya (Incredible) and Wicked Game video clips. In Baku, Dasha along with the other Zhara participants are about to encounter myriads of adventures – romantic, funny, sometimes annoying but nevertheless amusing and comic. All of them will eventually help Dasha realise her dream and become genuinely happy. Actors Sergey Chirkov and Nail Abdrakhmanov, as well as blogger Anton Lapenko, co-starred in The Heat.
"The world of cinema and the world of music are absolutely different elements, but on the set everything was done in the most professional way. Azerbaijan is just amazing, and Baku is such a hospitable city," says Diana Pozharskaya reminiscing.

The Heat was produced by the Team Films company. The film was written and produced by Timur Dzhafarov. Director Dunya Lisova, production designer Maxim Alipchenko and director of photography Vasiliy Ryzhov joined the creative team. Performer, businessman and organiser of the Zhara festival Emin Agalarov, who acted as the film's general producer, says: "The idea of shooting a romantic comedy had been in the air for quite a while. As a large-scale event attracting hundreds of performers, any music festival has a vibrant off-stage life that never makes it to the TV screen. This is exactly what we decided to show in our romantic comedy featuring not only actors, but also real stars."