OK! Magazine's Business Brunch at Rose Bar

OK! Magazine's Business Brunch at Rose Bar
On 11 September, OK! Magazine held a business brunch for partners, colleagues and friends of the magazine.
The event kicked off with an opening speech by Emin Agalarov, the magazine's new owner, where he reminded guests that OK! Magazine and its website had become part of ZHARA Media Group over the summer.
"We have a history of a long successful partnership with OK! Magazine, ever since the magazine was launched in Russia. We have been a regular advertiser, and the editors of OK! have always covered our news. Every year ZHARA Festival in Baku holds a brunch for the magazine eagerly attended by lots of celebrities. As for the editorial policy, it will remain the same. We see OK! as a strong media asset with great potential, especially digital. This is what we are going to focus on in the near future."
Vadim Vernik, Chief Editor of OK!, shared his future plans for the magazine with his business partners: "Several years ago we defined a new concept for ourselves. OK! is a smart glossy and that is, has always been, and continues to be our approach. We can see from our results that this approach is working for us. Today our audience is more progressive and diverse, and celebrities trust our in-person interviews and exclusive photo shoots."
Ekaterina Biblova, Deputy General Director of OK! Magazine, and Alexandra Mansilla, Deputy Chief Editor of ok-magazine.ru, spoke after Vadim Vernik.
All the speakers thanked the audience for their ongoing friendship and support.