JONY, ELMAN, ANDRO, GAFUR: Meet and Greet in VEGAS Crocus City

JONY, ELMAN, ANDRO, GAFUR: Meet and Greet in VEGAS Crocus City
Attention! On October 16, at 6 p.m., shortly before the big solo concert at Adrenaline Stadium, which was sold out a month ago, the young and daring cover boys of the ZHARA MAGAZINE October edition—JONY, ELMAN, ANDRO—will come to VEGAS Crocus City to meet fans, sing their favourite hits, give away signed magazines, and present GAFUR, a new artist from RAAVA Music supported by the Zhara Music label!
They only broke into the world of Russian pop music a short time ago but have already become its brightest members. Their videos have millions of views, while their singles lead the hottest Apple Music and VK top charts, winning the hearts of thousands of listeners from the very first notes.

Jony is a popular romantic hitmaker. His track 'Alleya' (Alley) has blown everyone away who has heard it at least once, and its official music video was viewed more than 27 million views. The artist's solo album 'Spisok Tvoih Mysley' (List of Your Thoughts) topped Apple Music and VK charts in the first days after its release and is still there.

Elman is an artist who is becoming popular at a breakneck pace. His singles 'Krossy' (Sneakers), 'Moy Okean' (My Ocean), 'Spasi menya' (Save me), 'Antigeroy' (Antihero) are in the best new music playlists, and his hit 'Adrenalin' (Adrenaline) is also winning the love of fans on internet video platforms. Elman is also a producer of the Raava Music label that collaborates with Jony and Andro.

Andro is a young singer who is getting more popular every day. He is one of the most romantic Russian musicians. At the age of 13, the artist played a part in making the hit 'Santa Lucia' by the popular band Quest Pistols Show. It is his voice that people remember whenever this track is mentioned. And today the musician's own hit 'Inoplanetyanin' (Alien) has earned him thousands of fans, for whom he is preparing a lot of cool stuff. The musician has recently released a new single 'Nochnoy reys' (Night flight), which is at the top of music lists on popular websites.

VEGAS Crocus City, 1st floor, Times Square red staircase, free entrance!
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