Crocus Expo to Host Emergency Hospital for COVID-19 Patients

Crocus Expo to Host Emergency Hospital for COVID-19 Patients
On 12 May Crocus Expo will launch a COVID-19 facility for more than 1,000 people. At the behest of Andrey Vorobyov, governor of Moscow Region, one of the pavilions of the Exhibition Centre will be converted into a new emergency hospital. Andrey Vorobyov has visited the facility to make sure it is ready to admit COVID-19 patients.

'Hospitalisation rates in Moscow Region are still high. Our main goal is to provide beds for each and every patient. Thanks to federal support, it took us just a few days to set up a hospital in Crocus Expo, equipped with ICU, artificial ventilation and hygiene facilities. It is all thanks to Aras Agalarov, president of Crocus Group, who took on the organisation,' said Andrey Vorobyov. 'We are now setting up a similar facility in Patriot as well.'

'Exhibition centres are being converted into emergency hospitals all over the world now. That is why we also decided to help,' explained Aras Agalarov. 'Hall 15 of Crocus Expo is perfect for setting up an emergency hospital thanks to its closed-circuit ventilation, which prevents the virus from spreading to other facilities within Crocus Expo or Crocus City. Even with the closed-circuit ventilation, we are conducting all necessary sanitation procedures. Once the unit is set up, we will be able to sanitise the premises easily thanks to such a clear layout. Also, since Pavilion 3 of Crocus Expo has a number of convenient access ways, the rest of the traffic within Crocus City will not get in the way of ambulance cars.'

The hospital will provide beds for over 1,000 people, including 120 ICUs. The facility is airtight, and the isolation wards for no more than four people each are unique since they are equipped with adjustable beds, TV sets and individual bedside cabinets. There is a toilet, a shower, a sink and a water dispenser for every two wards.

The hospital is equipped with all the necessary medical equipment, such as ventilators, CT scanners, ultrasound and ECG machines, bronchoscopes, syringe pumps, hemodynamic monitoring systems and disinfection cabinets. It will also feature a laboratory for express tests.

'The hospital staff includes about 300 doctors and 700 nurses. We are recruiting staff in stages. We are planning to attract medical staff from other Moscow Region hospitals,' pointed out Konstantin Sobolev, chief medical officer at Krasnogorsk Hospital No. 1.
The Crocus Expo emergency hospital employs medical staff from other regions. They all undergo special training. Some of the staff will be accommodated in the Aquarium hotel located in Crocus Expo. The medical staff receives free meals 3 times a day.

'I've decided to come here to help. We need to help each other as one big country,' said Dmitriy Kononov from Krasnoyarsk.

There are about 12,000 beds for treating COVID-19 patients in Moscow Region. By 25 May the region will have more than 18,000 beds, almost half of which equipped with oxygen tanks and over 900, with ventilators.