Central Ring Road: Stages of Construction

Central Ring Road: Stages of Construction
In the coming years, the Moscow region will gain not one but two new ring roads: the Chord Ring in the city and the Central Ring Road outside of Moscow.
Crocus Group is in charge of constructing the 1st launch complex of the road. It's a section of the road stretching for 49.5 km, from the M4 "Don" highway to the 11th km of the A107 highway.
The new IA-category expressway will have two lanes going each way. The highway will have no traffic lights. It's going to connect Moscow's large outbound routes: Simferopol (Varshavskoye) Highway, Kaluzhskoye Highway, and Kievskoye Highway.
The design speed is 140 km/h. The road will include 41 additional structures: 14 bridges, 24 overpasses, and 3 viaducts.
The first launch complex of the Central Ring Road is already 70% complete. Major heavy work has been carried out, including the earthwork totalling 6.5 million cubic metres of inert materials and an asphalt-concrete surface of 275,000 t; bridges and similar structures are 92% complete, except the superstructure; 29 thousand tonnes of metal constructions and 78% of superstructure concrete beams have been assembled. The remaining tasks are related to laying the asphalt-concrete surface, and setting up lighting equipment and road barriers.
The first two road sections stretching for approximately 25 km–half of the first launch complex of the Central Ring Road–are set to open for traffic in October 2020.
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