Crocus City

The secret to the success of Aras Agalarov’s business strategy is in its systemic approach: development of one sphere of business improves the effectiveness of overlapping areas, and the construction of one venture will increase the level of interest of clients and partners of the group to the business and commercial centers situated in close proximity.

Crocus Group continues to develop its strategic project Crocus City, a satellite city of Moscow at the intersection of Volokolamskoye Shosse and the Moscow Ring Road. The business model of Crocus City has clearly demonstrated its effectiveness for more than 11 years now: established in 2001, Crocus City (90 ha) is fully fledged metropolis visited by 100,000 to 1 million people each day.

The infrastructure of Crocus City includes:
Crocus Expo – an international convention and exhibition center with 3 pavilions and 49 conference halls (549,000 sqm).
Crocus City Hall – a modern concert venue seating up to 6200 people (4500 sqm)
Tvoy Dom – a home supply and renovation hypermarket (114,000 sqm)
Crocus City Mall (62,000 sqm)
Shore House Yacht Club and Restaurant (1688 sqm) featuring a large beach (2546 sqm) and two outdoor pools
Multifunctional residential and business complex (237,000 sqm) scheduled for completion in 2014
Holiday Inn – projected to be the largest hotel in Europe (81,080 sqm and 1000 rooms) upon inauguration in 2014
Vegas – a shopping and entertainment complex (200,000 sqm) to be completed in 2014
Aquarium Hotel – a business hotel with 225 rooms (13,000 sqm)
Myakinino Metro Station with a minimum passenger flow of 25,000 people per day
Parking for 21,000 automobiles