G-Star RAW

Crocus Group, the official distributor of the label G-Star RAW in Russia, has launched several mono-brand boutiques in VEGAS shopping centers. Crocus Group’s Executive Vice President, Emin Agalarov, together with Pharrell Williams, G-Star RAW’s co-owner and creative director, recently presided over the opening of the first two boutiques, with a third store planned to open in 2017 at VEGAS Kuntsevo.
G-Star RAW is a Dutch brand of men’s and women’s denim, founded in 1989. The label’s first collection of jeans, Raw Denim, debuted in 1996. Its use of unwashed, untreated denim is what prompted the brand to add “RAW” to its name.

The brand’s popularity is due not only to the quality, but also care in the approach to the cut. Each new style of jeans is creating through a 3D-modeling process, not unlike an architectural blueprint. This means that underlying each pair of jeans is a complex structural system, allowing the jeans to be designed as maximally close to the volume of the human body as possible, making them both comfortable and functional.

For their collections, G-Star RAW uses materials like organic cotton, linen and wool; recycled polyester; cotton; and recycled plastic. The company does not use fur, animal skin that was not sourced through the meat industry, down plucked from live birds, or wool produced in any manner that might inflict harm upon the sheep.

Starting in 2014, Pharrell Williams and G-Star RAW have collaborated to help save the oceans from pollution through “RAW for the Oceans.” This initiative is both quite complicated and quite simple. From the debris littering our oceans, plastic bottles are recovered and recycled as part of the production process for yarn. Approximately 15-20% of the yarn used to manufacture this denim and assemble the collection has been sourced from these recycled plastics from this ocean, marking the first time that a fabric for jeans has used bionic fibers.


G-Star RAW, the conceptual Dutch brand producing innovative sustainable denim, has opened a new store in Aviapark shopping centre.