Pavshinsky Floodplain Pedestrian Bridge

Crocus Group has embarked on the design and construction of a new pedestrian bridge that will link the suburb of the Pavshinsky Floodplain (in the Krasnogorsk district of the Moscow Oblast) to the Myakinino Metro Station and the satellite city of Crocus City, with its shopping, entertainment and business facilities.
The bridge is built from two pylons (support pillars), each measuring 41 meters tall. These pylons are connected to the bridge spans with the help of 28 straight cable wires, which hold up the suspension bridge spans. The length of the main span is 173 meters. The sides of the main span are flanked by two anchor spans, each 46 meters in length. Each side of the bridge will be outfitted with ramps to ensure smooth movement of bicycles and wheelchairs. In total, the bridge will be 363 meters long, 5 meters across and 14.5 meters high.

The addition of a pedestrian bridge will increase the attractiveness and accessibility of the surrounding infrastructure, improving the access to public transportation for the entire area.

At the present moment, the suburb of Pavshinsky Floodplain is home to more than 45,000 residents. Until very recently, to get to and from home, these inhabitants had to rely on minibus taxis, or marshrutki, that ran from the neighborhood to the Tushinskaya and Volokolamskaya metro stations. This only increased the intense rush hour traffic plaguing the area, which meant it could take up to thirty minutes just to reach a metro station. The construction of this new bridge will make it quicker and easier than ever to get to the Myakinino Metro Station.

The official opening of the bridge is slated for December 2014.