Трактир Пожарскаго

Traktir Pozharskago (which in Russian translates to “Pozharsky’s Tavern”) hearkens back to the traditional taverns of 19th century Russia. Warm, cozy walls, decorated with magnificent classical molding, heavy velvet curtains, imperial-style lamps and bronze chandeliers like those that once adorned the houses of nobility – every detail of the furnishings of Traktir Pozharskovo conjures the serene atmosphere of Russia’s Golden Age.

The interior design is almost an exact copy of the original Pozharsky’s Tavern in Torzhok. The restaurant became known far and wide for its unusual recipe for preparing cutlet, which won praise from the emperor Alexander I of Russia himself.
This special dish is one of the many recipes from traditional Russian cuisine that have been either entirely reconstructed or recreated from scratch. The tavern sees its main mission in the revival of the culture of “an evening out.” After all, for the nobility of the time, dinner was served in a public place, never at home.

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