VEGAS City Hall

Vegas City Hall is a multi-level, adaptable concert hall, whose flexible format allows for several different configurations, accommodating a variety of events, ranging from world-famous circus acts and spectacular children's shows, to chamber recitals or acoustic concerts by Russian and international artists alike, to conferences, presentations and workshops.
The Vegas City Hall concert venue is part of VEGAS Crocus City, a unique concept that combines elements of an entertainment center with shopping to suit every taste, making this a perfect place to bring the whole family.

The special atmosphere of the interior of Vegas City Hall is created by contrasting light and darker tones of wood, which are complemented by the sleek, contemporary design elements. Here the audience can comfortably enjoy the time before the show begins, while a restaurant located on the concert hall’s third floor foyer specializes in pre- and post- show dining. The three-level auditorium, whose comfortable seats are arranged in an amphitheatre format, allows for great views from any position. The hall is outfitted with big screens featuring 4K resolution – a cutting-edge technology that broadcast high quality images on par with the level of movie theaters and computer graphics, thus allowing for the effect of augmented reality, extending the stage design and immersing the audience within what is happening on stage.

The venue’s foyer offers inviting lounge zones, free Wi-Fi, and bars stocked with an assortment of snacks and beverages. For additional convenience, Vegas City Hall has a coat check, a luggage storage room, and restrooms.

The modern sound and lighting equipment has been specially selected for this new venue, guaranteeing that any event can be staged at the highest standard.

Vegas City Hall is equipped with all of the necessary features for visitors with limited mobility, including ramps, elevators and dedicated seating areas.


A New Year show to premiere in Moscow!
On 18 May, Vegas City Hall hosted the international blockchain technology summit THE WAY SUMMIT: Blockchain Technology Invest Day 2019, organised by Crocus Group and Sibhash.
Welcome to a free promotional show of The Dreamers musical on March 7.