The Opening of “Uncle Max’s,” a Musical Restaurant for Kids

The Opening of “Uncle Max’s,” a Musical Restaurant for Kids
Last Saturday, October 1, marked the grand opening of “Uncle Max’s,” a musical restaurant for kids, at the retail-entertainment complex VEGAS Crocus City. This unique project is a collaboration between composer and producer Maxim Fadeev and Crocus Group’s Executive Vice President, Emin Agalarov.

As Emin Agalarov explains, “Maxim Fadeev has a lot of experience working with children, and he has wanted to do something like this for a long time now. I have also had this dream to open a restaurant for kids, so it seemed like a good match.”

Guests to the opening celebration included celebrity friends and colleagues of the evening’s hosts: Maxim Fadeev, Aras and Emin Agalarov, Philipp Kirkorov and his children, Nargiz, the group Serebro, Irakliy Pirtskhalava with his children, Yulia Nachalova with her daughter, Vladimir Solovyov with his family, Jasmin with her daughter, Aleksandr Revva with his family, Mikhail Galustyan, Artur Gasparyan, Katya Lel with her daughter, Pavel Khudyakov with his children, the lead singer from Gorod 312, Angelica Agurbash with her children, Sergey and Ekaterina Kozhevnikov, Roman Emelyanov with his family, and many others. The festivities were directed by Natasha Ionova with her daughter and Pierre Narcisse.

These guests and their children were greeted with a full program of events, including the invitation to to help record a song in the sound studio, located in the very center of the restaurant. The main culmination of the evening was the creation of the largest “Monster Shake” in the world – a frothy concoction amounting to 54 liters total, which set a new culinary record that was immediately registered with the Guinness Book of World Records right on the spot. The event also featured workshops for kids, developing all kinds of tasty candy bars, while the guests were treated to the restaurant’s top dishes. The evening ended, as any celebration should, with a big cake.