General Contractor for the Construction of Far Eastern Federal University, CJSC Crocus, Completes First Facilities of APEC Summit Ahead of Schedule

General Contractor for the Construction of Far Eastern Federal University,  CJSC Crocus, Completes First Facilities of APEC Summit Ahead of Schedule
Construction of the 5 buildings which will accommodate the heads of state and members of the delegations participating in the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit was completed 28 days ahead of schedule.
A grand signing ceremony for the Construction Completion Certificate featured President of CJSC Crocus Aras Agalarov, Director General of Federal State-Owned Enterprise Far-Eastern Directorate of the Ministry of Regional Development of Russia Oleg Bukalov and Rector of Far Eastern Federal University Vladimir Miklushevsky.

Oleg Bukalov: “The first five buildings were to be delivered by December 31, 2011, but it happened a month early. The buildings were completed ahead of schedule and accepted.  The next stage – approval and delivery of the buildings to the University”.

Aras Agalarov noted that the general contractor, CJSC Crocus, faced two tasks – to meet the schedule and the state-funded budget. Eventually, CJSC Crocus managed to deliver the buildings ahead of schedule and save around 100 million rubles, according to the Accounts Chamber.
“We have accomplished these tasks with honor. We understand the importance of this project and don’t try to make money out of it,”- said President Aras Agalarov. He emphasized that a few more buildings of Far Eastern Federal University would be delivered ahead of schedule by the end of this year.
“No other university in Russia has such a campus, it is one of the best in the world. Now our task is to fill these walls with substance and join the ranks of the world’s top universities”, – remarked Rector of Far Eastern Federal University Vladimir Miklushevsky.

Each of the 5 “presidential” buildings of the Severny hotel complex, 13 493 sqm in area, is designed to accommodate the heads of state and their entourage for the period of the APEC Summit. Each of the buildings will host six delegations headed by the leader of a country – 1 delegation per floor. The total area of all the buildings delivered ahead of schedule – 67 465 sqm. The site area of the 5 buildings – 15 857 sqm. The Severny hotel complex provides for a total of 30 rooms designed to accommodate the leaders of the APEC countries. Each presidential suite is 150 sq meters in size, each building holds 1240 rooms.
Also completed is a granite embankment encircling Ajax Bay and the landscape and parking area with a waterfall, fountains and architectural lighting. The decision to build this embankment was made additionally, as a result of saving funds by using advanced technologies.

All in all, Far Eastern Federal University comprises 93 facilities. The total site area of the campus and the public utility zone is 900 thousand square meters at Ajax Bay on Russky Island. As compared to the original project (around 500 thousand square meters), under the latest version of the Federal Target Program: “Development of the Far East and the Trans-Baikal Region”, a public utility zone was added providing for the construction of a desalination plant, waste treatment facilities, a solid waste treatment system, a laboratory building, a rehabilitation center, and a fire department with a rescuer training center.

Under the terms of the state contract, academic buildings with a total area of 268.1 thou sqm designed for 10.5 thou students will be delivered by December 31, 2011. These include a conference center of 96 thou sqm, a press center of 45 thou sqm, a finance and economics building of 38 thou sqm, a campus-wide student center of 41 thou sqm, a medical treatment and research center and a 48.1 thou sqm academic building of the medical cluster. The facilities will be commissioned by February 28, 2012. Overall, waste treatment facilities, a medical center, a fire department, rehabilitation and laboratory buildings will be constructed on Russky Island by the APEC Summit. All these facilities will be delivered by the general contractor, CJSC Crocus, on a turnkey basis – with furniture, communications systems and electronic equipment.

Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) – is a unique dual-purpose facility: an international-grade university campus and the site of the APEC 2012 Summit. The decisive factor in the Government’s selection of the general contractor for this extremely complex project (Resolution of the Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation No.649-r of May 15, 2009) was an effective and economically well-balanced construction plan for FEFU presented by Crocus.