Social Responsibility and Philanthropy

Crocus Group has made an active commitment to giving back to its community through a variety of philanthropic initiatives.

The company regularly provides material support to a charity organization for disabled children, orphanages and social rehabilitation centers for juveniles, children's psychiatric institutions, and psychological and social correction centers. In addition, the company donates funds to the treatment and rehabilitation of children suffering from different types of severe illnesses, as well as to the education of children from low-income households. Crocus Group also actively supports community sports organizations.

As part of a collaboration with the charity foundations Podari Zhizn [“Gift of Life”], Vera Hospice Charity Fund and Liniya Zhizni [“Lifeline”], and with the support of the Moscow municipal authority, Crocus Group is, at its own expense, breaking ground on the first children’s hospice for oncology, Dom s mayakom [“The House with a Lighthouse”]. As part of the reconstruction of the house at Dolgorukovskaya 20, by the end of 2017 there will be a 4-story clinic for children and youth (18-25 years) with terminal illnesses.

Since 2014, Crocus Group has hosted the annual charity drive, VEGAS Magic Tree, which seeks to improve the lives of children in orphanages, social rehabilitation centers, and medical facilities in Moscow and the Moscow Oblast. Each year, approximately 3,500 children are treated to a spectacular charity show at Crocus City Hall. As part of this action, Emin Agalarov pays visits to the children’s organizations and medical facilities to deliver the funds and gifts personally.

Crocus Group is proud to provide the funding for the Muslim Magomaev Cultural and Musical Heritage Foundation. Twice a year, this foundation sponsors the Muslim Magomaev International Vocalists Contest for the identification and support of emerging talents, as well as holding workshops for young vocalists from across Russia.

In May 2016, Crocus Group hosted the Forum for Tolerance's “World of Unlimited Possibility”, a series of public talks in which the audience and guest speakers discussed the real problems of social integration and adaptation for people with disabilities or suffering from severe illnesses. Speakers included leading public figures, representatives of social organizations and foundations, Russian pop stars, athletes, and journalists, who addressed an audience of more than 2,000 people.