On 14 March, 4.00 pm, ahead of the long-awaited Russian premiere of Luzia by Cirque du Soleil, guests of VEGAS Crocus City will get a chance to meet several performers from Luzia who will show elements of their performances and take selfies with VEGAS visitors!

For the first time ever, VEGAS Crocus City will give the guests a unique opportunity to see the costumes and stage make-up of the artists from the new show, Luzia, up close—closer than if you were watching it from the first row. Visitors will also get a few sneak peeks at the performances. Luzia is a show that unites dreams and reality. It is packed with acrobatics and captivating scenes and takes the audience into a Mexican fantasy. VEGAS Crocus City invites you to switch things up and spend your Saturday in the company of Cirque du Soleil performers, to enjoy the vibrant Mexican music, take photos with characters from the universe full of dreams and memories about Mexico and join a lottery with a chance to win tickets to the show!