Crocus Group team makes the top 20 in Heroes Race Winter 2021

Crocus Group team makes the top 20 in Heroes Race Winter 2021

Last Saturday, 6 February, two Crocus Group teams contended in the hottest sports event of the season, the Heroes Race Winter 2021! More than two thousand contenders arrived at the Alabino military training range to take the challenge of an 8.5km snow trail with 30 obstacles—monkey bars, rings, ropes, nets, logs and hills—to be completed at an air temperature of 17°C below zero.

It was quite unlike a walk in the park to battle the mountainous snowbanks in the piercing wind. Falls were plentiful, knees were scratched, and even tears were shed (from the wind, of course!). One of our new teammates had to be carried on Sergei Dubov's shoulders the final kilometre before the finishing line. Despite the adversity, all contenders made it to the finishing line basically unscathed, and everyone did great. The rookie team, CrocusGroup-2, won 29th place with 02:23:49. CrocusGroup-1, which took part in the Summer Heroes Race, finished 18th at 01:59:36.

The adrenaline overdose, the euphoria of adventure and the joy of concerted teamwork are all unforgettable sensations that every contender experienced in abundance. We sincerely congratulate both our teams!

Special thanks to ZHARAmag editor-in-chief Oleg Pilyagin, Crocus TV cameraman Denis Kapranov and photographers Varuzh Gazaryan and Maria Pospelova, who braved the punishing elements to follow the teams all the way to finishing line.

The Crocus Group teams thank Crocus Fitness Club for letting them train for the race, Zhara energy drink for reinvigoration during the race and the Under Armour brand and Sport Point chain both for the best gear in the world!


1 Alla Volodina
2 Yulia Parado
3 Natalia Mishina
4 Alexandra Kunakh
5 Anton Kanev
6 Sergei Dubov
7 Filipp Molkov
8 Maksim Repin
9 Diana Tsirekidze
10 Yuri Gerasimchuk
11 Nadezhda Rubtsova


  1. Dmitry Pikulik
  2. Ulyana Sorokina
  3. Natalia Simonova
  4. Alexei Artamonov
  5. Yulia Morozova
  6. Elena Susalyova
  7. Namus Eldar ogly Nagiev
  8. Pavel Lomakin
  9. Anna Konokhova
  10. Ksenia Tkhisheva